The founder


I am a Colombian alchemist in spirit, from an exotic province where the desert meets the sea and where the Wayuu Indians have a close connection with nature and the elements that come from the earth. I grew up in the ancient customs of grandmothers, who instilled love and connection with the properties of herbs and plants. This noble activity is the passion of my life! 

Since I began this adventure, my mission has been to save the bond between our bodies, plants and the earth; This is why I have created a line of entirely natural products made from raw materials that meet all the needs of the skin. My products have been designed as a real food for the skin.

My job is to choose the best plants and the best exotic oils in the world, which then go through a process of manual processing, becoming high-efficiency luxury products. Through my studies in cosmetics and natural cosmetics combined with a ten-year practice in the pharmaceutical industry, I have managed to find the ideal blend of pure ingredients with high capacities to positively transform skin care in a way that is simple and natural.

I invite you to return to the ancestral and the simplicity of nature.
Martha Sierra